Everything you do in love toward your neighbor is a PLUS 1 for the Kingdom of God.

Several years ago, missionaries in the Middle East were struggling to find encouragement to continue their mission.  With so little fruit from their work, they were discouraged.  In an attempt to bolster their spirits, they decided to count everything they did in love toward their friends and neighbors.  If someone made eye contact with them it was a Plus 1.  If they were able to share a cup of tea — Plus 1.  If there was a conversation or a meal or an act of service or any other kind of interaction made in love — Plus 1, Plus 1, Plus 1.  The hope was that someday all the Plus-1’s would add up and tip the scales toward meaningful and transformational encounters and movement.

In the same way, we have decided that every act of love toward our neighbors is a Plus-1 for the Kingdom of God.  We are partnering with God with all of our prayers and thoughts and actions toward helping people experience the love of God and know God for themselves.  We are counting everything.  We are praying God will tip the scales.   When we bring over cookies — Plus 1.  When we help clean a yard – Plus 1.  When we meet at the mailbox and get to know our neighbors better – Plus 1.  You get the picture right?  Everything you do for your neighbors in love is a Plus 1 for the Kingdom of God.  Neighboring IS ministry!

If you are exploring what it means to Love Your Neighbor and are looking for encouragement, coaching and support, know that our Neighboring Team of pastors is here to help you in any way we can.


Do all you can to connect and stay connected.

Pay attention and stay aware of your neighbors.

Learn your neighbors’ names.

Get to know your neighbors’ histories, hopes and hurts.


Speak to God on behalf of your neighbors.

Pray for your neighbors like you would pray for yourself.

When in doubt of what to pray, ask God for the words.


Be present with your neighbors and have fun!

Laugh with your neighbors.  Laughter helps relationships grow.

Share good food and good drink with your neighbors.


Our deepest motive is love and our highest hope is faith.

Share your whole life with your neighbors.  Yes, even your faith!

Be good news as you share the Good News.