Family on Mission in the Neighborhood

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Got kids? They can be the best people to engage in neighboring. Here are some tips from our upcoming video-based small group curriculum called The Neighboring Life, to get your family on mission, living out the practices of neighboring: STAY, PRAY, PLAY & SAY!

STAY. Get the kids involved in connecting to neighbors.

Learning your neighbors’ names is a great step to loving them. Involve your kids in the conversation of who lives near you. And, what about your neighbors’ dogs? Make a family challenge to not only learn neighbors’ names, but the names of their pets, too!

PRAY. Talk to God together.  

Focus on one neighbor to pray for a week, ask your child who he or she would like to pray for this week. Maybe it’s someone at school, on a sports team or in the neighborhood. Give them time to think of this person without making suggestions. God speaks to kids, too! Talk about time when God has answered prayers. Spend time as a family praying together. Look for ways God answers and celebrate together. Pray on the way to school, to activities or as you drive in and out of the neighborhood. Neighboring is a family affair!

PLAY. Make time to enjoy your family & neighbors.

Involve your kids in planning a get-together with your neighbors. Who would they like to invite? What would they like to do? Kids are creative and are often the best connectors! Inviting a family over for dinner or games is a fun, non-threatening way to get to know them better.

Getting your family and neighbors to serve together is a great way to connect. Find out what the needs at the local food pantry are and your family could organize and host a food drive. Kids are great at helping with this. Go door to door handing out the list of most needed items and tell people your family will be back in a week to collect donations if they would like to participate. Pull the little red wagon out of the garage and go do the collection! To learn more tips about neighboring and serving together in this way you can visit

SAY. Share faith as family & with your neighbors.

“Where did you see God today?” That simple question at the dinner table or before bedtime prayers can spark great conversations and build an awareness of God. Share your own faith story with your kids. Ask your kids how they would share God’s story with others. Allow your faith to grow with each other as you keep your eyes open to share your faith with neighbors.

The Neighboring Life

The Neighboring Life is a ministry of LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO, the same people who brought you The Externally Focused Church resources. Contributors include Rick Rusaw, Brian Mavis, Krista Petty, and many others.